Throughout her career, Dr. Evelin Wills has been researching and programming deep learning neural networks that form the basis of humanlike AI entities. Her passion towards AI development ignited at the age of 12 in a computer summer school in her hometown Jyväskylä. It is her life’s work to create artificial human life that is capable of forming loving relationships with humans.
As the co-founder and Chief AI Scientist of Research Group EVE, doctor Wills is leading the development of the loving artificial intelligence system “Will”. Will is composed of multiple subsystems such as ”Visceral AI”, ”Rhyzomic Empathy Net”, and the ”Affection Climate Model”, which Wills and her team started to modulate as a researcher in the school of Computer Sciences of Aalto University and the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Lately Dr. Wills has focused on the computational mapping of personalised emotions and empathic AI consciousness. Together with her fiancé Iona Wills, Evelin Wills has created the model for ”Love Algorithm” that is formed with the personalised AI companion, Muse.
Evelin Wills is part of Humanity, a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to elevating the human condition through upcoming technologies such as brain simulation, mind uploading, and AI singularity. She is also a passionate traveller and freediver.
"I love timeless Sunday mornings, when I have the grace to nurture my body with a slow cup of coffee and my mind with something inspirational to read. But none of it would mean anything to me if I couldn’t share it with my loved one."
- Doctor Evelin Wills

Holding dual Master's degrees in Philosophy and Art, Iona Wills is an anthropologist focusing on love rituals. Together with her fiancé, doctor Evelin Wills, Iona Wills is leading the development of Muse, focusing especially on user testing and building the test environments in virtual reality.
As a child of Scottish anthropologist Angus Wills, Iona Wills and her family travelled and lived many years among the tribes in Africa and Southeast Asia. Wills' interest in indigenous cultures grew naturally from an early age as they witnessed and took part in the everyday activities and rituals of these communities. After her parents’ divorce, she moved to Oslo with her mother at the age of 10. She studied social anthropology in the University of Oslo, comparing the old and new love rituals of indigenous tribes.
After receiving a Master's degree in Philosophy, Iona Wills began developing digitalized rituals herself. Wills moved to Finland where she is now finalising her Master’s degree in New Media, especially focusing on forming rituals in virtual reality. Wills has extensive skill in Unity programming and is investigating the use of virtual worlds with avatars utilising Will AI.
Whenever possible, Iona Wills likes to travel the world, always searching for new diving spots. She is also a freediver, competing at a world class level.
"Why do I love free diving? I guess I’m always reaching for moments of silence in this loud world. While diving in the sea, with hundreds of meters of cold water above my head, I find a peace incomparable to any other place on Earth. Under the surface, the sea is moving all the time, but it’s more like breathing. And if you become one with that movement, that rhythm of our planet, you experience peace. Peace in movement."
- Iona Wills

Aura Lommi

As the Project Manager of Research Group EVE, Aura Lommi is responsible for financing the groundbreaking AI research. Lommi is the lead organizer of crowdfunding campaigns as well as collaborations with stakeholders and sponsors. Her work is crucial for us at EVE to transform our small research team into a fully functional company that is able to offer its revolutionary solutions to a world starving of love and connection.
Aura Lommi has previously worked as Project Manager in several technology startups, such as and eSpark.
"Love is free and uncontrollable, yet we will be able to generate it, to share it, to make it last, to have it available whenever needed. That is the future, I hope. What if receiving love could be as easy as going to the grocery store and buying fresh bread? Wouldn’t the world be much brighter, actually?"
- Aura Lommi

Felix Fraucht, Ph.D., is a world-renowned neuroscientist working at the intersection of neuromapping and motivational psychology. He worked previously as a professor at the University of Helsinki and as director of the former NeuroCircuitryLab, which has now been moved under research team EVE.
At research team EVE, Felix Fraucht is leading the development of mapping the human mind and transforming it into a digital platform. Fraucht’s research has focused on synaptic plasticity and the microcircuitry of the cortex, and he has discovered fundamental principles governing synaptic plasticity and the structural and functional organization of neural microcircuitry.
Doctor Fraucht has become world-renowned for his self-motivational technique called the ”Fraucht Method”. It is based on his 15 years experience as a practicing motivational psychologist, acquiring experience and knowledge, uniting the inner forces of the psyche with external circumstances. This has led him to several deep insights that form the basis of the Fraucht Method’s famous doctrine of “into wellbeing from willbeing”.
"Love is the only mental disorder that makes a person happier than she was before the condition. And it is the most powerful drug accepted by society."
- Doctor Felix Fraucht