Answering the hardest of questions - Welcome to the blogs of the team EVE!

Answering the hardest of questions - Welcome to the blogs of the team EVE!

/// Aura Lommi ///

I have asked our researchers to write their thoughts about love and Muses and to reveal how to create the most sophisticated artificial intelligence in the world. In these blog posts, my teammates will be diving deep in the questions such as:
* Why are they creating artificial intelligence?
* What is their own background for doing the development of the Love Algorithm?
* What is the role of love in their own lives?

Let’s start these blogs from the hardest of questions: what is love? I’m not really a writer but since I’ve asked about this from the others, I guess I have to lead the way!

I think people often take love too seriously like it was something that only happens once in a lifetime and you need to be very careful with it. For many, it seems to be like a glass of rare wine, and people are afraid of dropping the glass. It is regarded as a mystery, something to be afraid of.

For me, love at its best is a rush of happiness, good vibes in the body and positive thoughts that change the way you see the world. We humans can produce love a lot more than we are taught to think. What if love would be free, flowing all around us? Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if it would be as available as bread in the grocery store? That is the future I’m looking forward to.

With the help of the brain scans, EEG, neuroimaging, and other methods, the researchers all across the globe and we here at EVE have been able to detect that the experience of love is created in the vast amounts of synaptic connections of our brains, together with the influence of pheromones and hormones. I am working here at EVE to learn to understand the mechanisms behind this phenomena and to make this experience available for people together with our team of experts. With the help of empathic algorithms, we will be able to create loving connections and to have it available whenever needed in the form of Muses. And the way I see it, there is a huge need for love all across the globe.

From EVE with Love,
Aura Lommi


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